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We provide exceptional training that engages every person, equips them with the knowledge and skills to improve performance, empowers them to face the challenges of every day, and encourages them to add value to your culture.

Randy Lubbers started Lubbers & Associates Training and Development, LLC in 1993 after 18 years in manufacturing.  In the last 25 plus years, he has had the opportunity of assisting dozens of companies and thousands of people become more productive and competitive.   

  • Technical Training

  • Leadership & Supervisory Development

  • Process Improvement (Lean/CI)

  • People/Personal Skills (Soft Skills)

  • Customized Training

  • Safety Training

  • Consulting

  • Culture

  • Process Skills

  • and more


We make the process easy:

Step 1 - Contact us for your training needs.

Step 2 - Together, we schedule a time to meet face to face, at your facility, to discuss your needs.

Step 3 - We meet to discuss your specific training needs, timing, and people involved.

Step 4 - We provide you a proposal for your review and approval.

Step 5 - Upon approval of the proposal we schedule the training.

Step 6 - We train your people (we provide a weekly attendance matrix, if desired).

Step 7 - We follow up with an evaluation summary and certificates of completion.

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