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Pick up our book!

"Got Lean?" 


Discover and learn about the six laws of lean and how to apply them to truly sustain the Lean journey in your organization.

Do your people get it? Not for one project or process, but all the time? Is everyone willingly and enthusiastically involved in the process of identifying and eliminating waste? Are people stepping up to get things done? Or are they fighting it? "Got Lean?" can assist you if you are frustrated with people who don’t get it.


Do you struggle getting traction with Lean? If you do, you’re not alone. Many organizations suffer from this problem. To eliminate it, you must find the root cause…the missing piece of the puzzle to Lean Sustainability. Many experts say that you only need to find the right tool. And yet, they too, find that they’re missing that piece of the puzzle that will sustain Lean! Are you frustrated with your Lean progress?


Have you tried the tools, with limited or spotty success? The issue is that any tool is just a tool. It helps you find waste, but it doesn’t sustain anything. For example, does a hammer help a carpenter sustain something? No! It’s a tool to get a job done. Nothing more, nothing less. Are you frustrated with the results of using the tools?


Or, are you looking to begin your Lean journey? If you are looking to implement a sustainable Lean process, you’ve come to the right place!



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