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Our focus at Lubbers & Associates Training and Development LLC is to provide exceptional training, development, and consulting services to our clients.  We do what it takes to provide an exceptional learning experience that engages, equips, empowers, and encourages each person.  Our classes are hands-on, relevant, and make complex subjects simple and easy to learn.

  • Exceptional training.

  • One of the highest rated trainers in West Michigan.

  • Flexibility - tell us what you need and we will do what it takes to make it happen.

  • Support - we provide a weekly training attendance matrix, evaluation summaries, and certificates of completion.  We provide administrative support where possible.

  • Dependability - we are where we say we will be, on time, every time.

  • You get Randy, not one of a stable of trainers.

  • We are easy to work with and try to keep the process simple.

  • We continuously customize content and methods to meet your specific situation and demands.

  • We use your policies, procedures, blueprints, and other process specifics, to keep things consistent.



The following foundational values dictate the actions of Lubbers & Associates Training & Development LLC under most conditions.  These values are basic principles that our business is built upon, and should be clear guides of conduct.

The superior quality and creativity of our training and development service and products, in combination with our innovative methods of delivering  them, is the greatest key to our success.  Our commitment to customers and clients is manifested by selflessly serving them with a wholehearted dedication to filling their needs in a personal and excellent way.  We believe that the following priorities in a person's life must be honored:

  •   God first

  •   Family second

  •   Business or career third

Lubbers & Associates Training and Development LLC will maintain a foundation of honesty, integrity, responsiveness, flexibility, respect for others, and cost-effectiveness... which will leave a legacy of excellence, high reputation, and profitability.


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