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Process Improvement

Lean Culture

This class is a foundation for creating the knowledge and desire to make improvements and is meant for people at all levels of the company. It is an energy pill and it answers the "Why" of doing Lean, or of improving any process. Having trouble getting people to step up? Then this is the class you need.

Quick Changeover (SMED)

The purpose of this program is to learn to execute quick changeovers. Focus is on providing direct, specific, hands on training in the areas of discovering wasted time, organizing, standardizing, identifying internal and external activities and taking action to achieve quick changeover.

Value Stream Mapping

In any organization, people control virtually all aspects of daily work. This session focuses on defining the value stream in any organizational situation. Special attention is given to the flow of product from order to shipment and common functions, like process flow, document flow, quoting, scheduling and inventory control.


This training is meant to help any person build the skills necessary to apply 5S in their job or area. Emphasis is placed on transitioning the participant from "thinking" to "doing". The participant is expected, encouraged, and will become actively involved in the Lean 5S process. Each person will choose a 5S project and will plan, organize, and complete it as a requirement of the class.

Kanban (Pull Systems)

The goal of this course is to enable each participant to understand and implement Kanban and Pull Systems in their work environment. The Kanban process creates the quantities required in the production process. It manages the production process and is a critical component in reducing overproduction. Pull Systems bring together many of the Lean techniques into one coordinated system.

Lean Event

This class focuses on improving critical activities within the Value Stream. Selected events are used to apply Lean thinking to the workplace. The event chosen could be 5S, work flow, layout, cell creation, or a specific project within a team. A specific event will be chosen and completed for this class.

Lean Metrics 

A critical component of Lean thinking is "measure what you do". Key performance indicators are essential for seeing where you are "factually" and "visually" at every step of the process. Every person in the organization must have a scoreboard so they can see where they are at all times.

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