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People Skills

DISC Profile

This class helps you work more effectively with the people you work with and come in contact with. It starts by using the DiSC Profile to truly understand yourself, which as an eye opener for many. The goal is to first understand yourself, then learn about others, followed by developing strategies to work with people at a high level.


Listening is an active sport and this class is meant to help you become a great active listener. Focus is on identifying the situation, asking appropriate questions, using appropriate non-verbals, and giving effective feedback, while staying away from conclusion jumping, passing judgement, and quick negative evaluations.

Conflict Resolution

Many times, small things become big things because they were not handled when they were small. This class helps you identify "red flag" events and the five modes of conflict. Focus is on understanding the modes, the situations in which to use each, and developing strategies to positively handle the conflicts that come your way.

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